With christmas season literally around the corner, we decided to help you out with some cool gifts that recipients won’t stop raving about. Well of course if you’d like to go the normal route and give clothes, gifts cards and all the boring stuff they can grab at any department store themselves, there are some amazing sales going on in store and online. But if the holiday spirit moves you to be more creative this year, check out these cool items that will serve as grab gifts, his or her gifts or the infamous…”I didn’t forget you, I must of left yours in the car” gift.

USB Cuff Links


This gift is perfect for the business man or woman that’s always on the go. Encourage them to stay steps ahead of their peers with these nifty 2 gig, cuff links that can make it almost impossible to forget your presentation. The added bonus, is that they look great and come in three finishes: silver, gun metal, and gold tone. You make them look like a boss, while you are granted all the credit for why he or she got the promotion they’ve been trying to get all year. Everybody wins!

PowerCube Extended 

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 1.34.34 PM

How many times have you ran out of sockets for all the devices you needed charged? I’m sure plenty. A gift like this isn’t exclusive to age or gender, in fact anyone with more than two electronic devices would find the PowerCube an essential gift. For the price, you may even want to grab yourself one. Nothing wrong with rewarding yourself for all the hard work you’re putting into shopping.

DropCatch Porter Bottle Opener

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 2.30.34 PM Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 2.30.23 PM

The DropCatch Porter Bottle Opener is the answer to many beer lover’s problems. This neat little gift uncaps all beer and soda bottles, and uses pull force to draw up to 140 bottle caps to its walnut surface. Yeah, pretty awesome. Stick it on your fridge, any metal surface or mount it by removing display screws and replacing it with screws provided. This is especially great for grab bag gifts.

Strainer Bowl


1000 Ultimate Experiences


For the person always seeking adventure, this book may serve them with wonderful ideas for amazing trips. Hey maybe if you’re lucky, they may plan the next group vacation, then you’ll really be getting a bang for your buck.



No if none of these gifts interest you in the least bit, you can always browse Groupon for exciting ventures. Imagine sending your sister to a long overdue spa get away for under eighty bucks. Or taking your mom out for a nice surf and turf for $30. Possibilities and combinations are endless with Groupon.

We encourage whatever you give this Holliday season to be thoughtful, from the heart and out of the box. With that combination, we guarantee the person receiving the gift all be just as excited as you are as the giver. Tis’ the season to have fund and make memories, give a gift you’ll never forget.