Summertime Chi is notorious for blowing in tourists from different coasts and also bringing folks back home. With great weather underway and and music events flooding the city, it is definitely the perfect time to make a visit and most certainly an exclusive debut. So without further adieu, The Lab3L introduces the world to Urban Tribe, a talented rap group that was formed in Houston, Texas by Jimi Poe who is an eclectic lyricist from Chicago and Stone Tha Face, who is a charismatic rapper from Brooklyn.

Urban Tribe

With an already great following, the dynamic duo has established their fan base in Houston, Texas where they met, while attending the same middle school. Ironically the guys were not in the same rap group at first, in fact they despised one another. Years down the line, after groups dispersed, members were weeded out, Jimi and Stone were the only two left standing.

Taken by The Lab3L

Jimi Poe

Taken by The Lab3L

Stone Tha Face

Comparing these guys to any in the game now, would be unfair as they are working extremely hard to create their own sound. As they continue building their project set to release next month,  Urban Tribe can be found listening to music legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Coltrane, Sade and even Ja Rule. With such great taste in music and a list of talents that stretch as long as the Mississippi River, we are excited to see how they contribute to the Hip Hop culture.

Our latest podcast dives deeper into Urban Tribe as we talk about their entrance into the music game, Jimi Hendrix, Drake vs Meek beef as well as Texas music culture.

Check it out below:


We are honored to be releasing both their first interview as well as their debut tracks from their up and coming projects.


Follow both members of the crew at @StoneThaFace and  @JimiPoe as well as the group itself @UrbanTribeMusic.