Truthfully, the Meek Mill and Drake beef is bittersweet. While it’s the best rap beef that has surfaced in a while, we personally think Meek Mill was in a great position and “exposing” Drake was one of the silliest moves he made for his career thus far. Meek’s latest visit to Toronto last night proves that Drake’s army is not a group you want to go against. Hopefully Meek has a back up plan because honestly things are not working in his favor at the moment, but until he does here are 5 things meek could have done differently:


Both Nicki and Meek have made claims of being a boss couple, which we believe they were. However, as a Boss, Meek should have never joined the Pinkprint Tour. He actually would have been better off riding his own wave, creating a small marketing tour similar to Future in different cities. With a very successful album under his belt and one of the biggest stars in music on his arm, Meek could have easily had packed shows that were occurring days apart from Nicki’s. Jay and Bey did a joint tour but they switched between sets, creating a leveled platform. As a “Boss” it is hard to say you don’t need a woman to bring up sales when you are opening up for her tour….




Meek Mill shocked the world as the guy who captured Nicki’s heart. However, Meek is starting to look like he’s shocked himself about “bagging” Nicki. Simply put, he’s a real dude and real ones know they’re going to win before the game even starts. The trophy isn’t something they need to brag about. By doing so, he looks like a kid that got a new toy over a man that got the woman he feels he deserves.


While it is very difficult to determine when to spill some tea, our guess is that right before you visit the hometown of your adversary may not be the best timing. Even worst, stirring up drama before your opponents hometown event, OVO Fest only gives Drake more ammo to turn an entire country against an artist. Dropping the news of drake having a ghost writer after OVO fest would have been very strategic but clearly he’s not as good as Drake when it comes to that.



If you’re serious about Nicki and you know Drake is close to her why would you ever disrespect him publicly? It makes you look like you are craving for attention. Confront him face to face. Period. Do not make a frenzy over the Internet for hours and then retreat once Drake responds. Shame on Meek’s friends for not advising him to chill, you let your homie take a huge lost he did not have to take.



Lastly, if he would have started this off with a song, this would be a totally different situation. He would have leverage. You’re a damn good rapper, out rap him in a song before he even knows it’s coming. He went off on the commas beat on the radio, so why not do the same with this situation? It would have had a bigger impact and we really could have seen what Drake can do under pressure.

What we learned from the #MeekVSDrake beef is that no matter how real you are, when it comes to the rap game the people much rather see the slam dunks than a crossover. It does not matter rather or not Quentin Miller help drake write ever hit song. Fans love clever bars and subtle hooks that bite.  Drake has the fans and when you have the fans on your side, there really is nothing your opponents can do to defeat you. Meek, we hope you get a chance to reinvent yourself as The Realest, but we are going to have to take your card away due to clown activity. Listen to Back to Back below.