Showing friends around your hometown can put a lot of pressure on you but in reality it shouldn’t. You absolutely want them to have a good time whether it’s for birthdays, holidays, or simply them just needing a short vacation. With that being said, you shouldn’t stress yourself out in the process either. We’ve come up with a 5 short tips/guidelines that may help you in your time of need! We can’t promise that you’ll be a certified tour guide after reading this but we can guarantee that you may avoid some common problems people face when inviting their friends from out of town. You’ve only got a few days to show them a good time so make them count!

  1. Stick to the Basics: If you have a “spot” in your city that you go to with your friends it’s okay to take your ‘out oflifestyle_294 town’ friends there as well. Most likely it’s a place they’ve seen you turn up in on Instagram or Snapchat before. Play your strengths and let them join in on all the fun too! This way there is a guaranteed good time ahead and they really get a feel for what you do for fun in your city. Remember, they’ve never seen it before so its new to them! Don’t try to wow them with places you’ve never been before because it may just not be the place you expected. Try to do that on your own time so you can show someone else when the time comes. They want to share some of your experiences and see how you live so simply show them.
  2. Don’t Send them a Huge Itinerary Beforehand:  If they’ve never been to your city before but heard a lot of about it there’s a chance that they already have a list of things they want to see and do. Don’t bombard them with ideas before hand because if you can’t get to all of them while they’re in town you may feel like you didn’t do a good job because of failed promises. So basically you should try to plan without planning. Sounds crazy but you can have an outline or timeline of things you would like to show them without fully making a strict schedule.
  3. Don’t Be Selfish: You get to explore your city whenever you want to. You pretty much have all access to it so don’t force them into doing things that YOU want to do while they’re in town. They’re only there for a short amount of time so it’s their time to pick and choose what they want to see and do. Of course you know where and where not to go but if you wanted to see a movie and they want to see the beach… them the beach. You may even learn some things about your own city while showing them around.
  4. Be Prepared: Sometimes our friends may surprise us with a visit but most of the time its a set date. Make sure you’re prepared to free up some time for them so they don’t feel rushed into seeing everything. You should being-brokealso make sure to tell them if certain things are out of your price range. Friends are understanding so that shouldn’t be a huge problem to work around. Plus things happen that are out of our control or that we didn’t expect. However, you can always have fun on a budget if you know where to go.
  5. Have Back Up Plans: Plans fall through sometimes and it’s not your fault. You never know when a place is too crowded or if they’re closed temporarily or whatever the case may be. So, try to have some second and third options because you don’t want them to feel like you don’t have any idea on what to do for fun. No one wants to come to a big city and do nothing.

Being the “tour guide” can be a tough job but if you read this and thought that maybe you need to learn more about your city that’s wonderful. That was the goal. Recent experiences with this have taught us that maybe we don’t know what there is to do because we haven’t discovered yet. So get out there and explore before more friends decide to stop through your city and you’ll be sure to show them a good time!