Previously we discussed the meaning of a Vision Board and how to prepare mentally for the process. With our Vision Board Brunch right around the corner, we thought it would be nice to give you a step by step for those who are not able to make it the event. If you are in the Chicagoland area and plan to make it to the event, this will give you a better understanding of what to expect this Sunday.

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Our Inspiration for to do a Vision Board Brunch came from wanting to share with others the great benefits  having one has been. In our individual lives, we have witnessed many of our goals manifest and we knew we had to get other people on the train. It is important that you go into this project with an open mind, having doubt that it works or simply thinking you’re just not lucky enough will hinder you before you begin. We recommend watching The Secret, to fully understand how this opening your mind to the possibilities of life will benefit you holistically in your day to day life.

Now that your mind is clear and focused on the task, the fun can begin. Dive into the magazines, books and newspapers you’ve collected for this project. Begin with great enthusiasm and intent, keeping that energy flowing throughout the entire process. Be excited, this is not meant to feel like an assignment but something much more rewarding.

Here a some simple steps to creating your Vision Board:

1. Decide your theme(s)!



This could be life goals in general, such as personal growth, love life, self confidence or maybe you just want your vision board to be career base. You can also make it a mixture of both, this part is totally up to you and what you want for your life.

2. Find pictures that match your theme(s)!

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 11.58.17 AM

Be open minded to many of the images you cross but if you have specific places you want to a visit or a dream home that you always wanted, feel free to print or cut those images out so that the board is that much more authentic.

3. Print or Cut out images!


There is no set rules with how you do this, you can be creative, messy or straight forward. It’s your vision, so do what ever you want!

4. Cut or Write Affirmations that match your theme(s)!


Affirmations are truly important as these words will show up even when your vision board is no where to be found. Say for instance the word dedication is on your board. If you are at work or school and you come across that word your mind will situate itself around your goals and trigger that motivation to be dedicated in whatever it is you may be doing at the moment or what you may have to do later.

5. Paste or Pin pictures and affirmations!


Next you want to put all the pictures and affirmations onto the board. If you have several themes you may way to organize them by sections, or just randomly paste them as you go. Again this is totally up to you, let your creative self flow throughout this project.

6. Hang it In a great place!


Where you place your Vision Board is truly important. If you have an office maybe you want to put it in your cubicle or on your wall. Maybe you want to see it every morning before you begin your day, so placing it by your door can be a great position. Whatever you decide, just make sure it is located in someplace you will pay attention too on a regular.

7. Look and Focus on items daily!


This is the most important part when creating a vision board. In order for your visions to manifest you have to constantly allow your conscious and subconscious self to be aware of these intentions and goals. Looking at these small and big goals will keep your attention on your intentions you have set for yourself. Keep your life on the right track.

*Also, feel free to add items or remove them as times goes along. Nothing stays the same so neither does your vision for yourself.

If you are more of a digital person and feel that a psychical board will not be beneficial, there are several apps in both iTunes and in the Android Market that will cater to your needs. Type in ‘Vision Board’ in your search bar and find what’s best for you.

Here are a two of our favorite vision board apps:

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.11.32 PM


Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.10.50 PM

        Dream Vision Board

Take a look at these awesome visions boards for inspiration: