If you’ve been apart of The Lab3L family, then our deep love for musical covers comes at no surprise. If you’re a new visitor, you should get use to seeing many awesome posts regarding musical covers from known and unknown artists. With an already embedded niche for music, we have a particularly soft spot for talented artist who take  popular or classic songs and shape it into their own. If you think about it, many artist break into the music industry doing covers of their favorite artists; so to see established artist humbly take on the challenge of recreating a composition outside their genre is so refreshing.

However, we can go on for days about the art of covers so instead, getting back to our ways, we decided to compile six of our favorite covers we discovered in 2014.

`We  hope you enjoy them and feel free to Tweet us your favorite covers that we may have missed.


6. Brandy covers ColdPlay “Magic”

Original Version

Brandy is still one of the most slept on vocalist from our childhood. her unique, untrained voice gives her a leg up amongst many singers. From her youtube videos of her singing in her bathroom to successful covers, Brandy is still showing no matter what’s on the billboard, talent can remain relevant.

5. Willow Smith aka Wilough covers King Krule “Easy Easy”

Original Version

From “Whip My Hair” to “Summer Fling” we love little Willow. Now considering the 10 year age gap between ourselves ad Willow it does make it sometimes difficult that she sings music that caters so easily to our age group, but hey in the great words of Aaliyah, “Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number” well of course unless your Willow’s supposed 21 year old boyfriend. Well then you have plenty people looking at you as a total creep. We’re not judging though. We just hope in the midst of this alleged romance we can get a full body of work from Smithonian princess.

4. Little Dragon covers Kelis “Millionaire” ft Andre 3000

Original Version

No we’re not obsessed with Little Dragon, we are just absolutely in love everything they do including this upbeat, quirky cover of Kelis’ Millionaire. Our highlight is lead singer, Yukimi rapping Andre 3000’s verse. We also love how they managed to keep a good balance of trip-hop and funk through out the cover.

3. FKA Twigs covers Sam Smith “Stay With Me”

Original Version

FKA Twigs version of Stay With Me is by far the most creative, in our opinion. Just one listen and you will can instantly understand how. We can not stress enough how amazing FKA Twigs is. She’s super talented and we can not get enough of her eerie sound, If you have found yourself sleep on FKA Twigs, consider this your alarm. Try not to hit snooze, we all know what can happen after that. In short listen to LP1, it’s self explanatory.

2. Sam Smith covers Tracy Chapman “Fast Car”

Original Version

Sam Smith has one the hearts of many women around the world with his soulful ballads and boyish charm. His single, Stay With Me has to be the most covered song of 2014 seeing that many celebrities including Chris Brown have gone to create their own rendition of the emotional song. thanks to BBC lounge, we were able to see Sam Smith take on a classic Tracy Chapman song, once again showing us that he can pretty much win your heart singing anything.

1. Peter Lee Johnson covers Jeremih’s “Don’t Tell Em” & Bach

Original Version

Peter L. Johnson a violinist we discovered on youtube, took on ” Don’t Tell Em” and instantly captivated us. He not only uses the guitar to play the verse and chorus but he plucks at the instrument to create the underlying track. If that isn’t cool enough, he also smoothly makes a transition to a Bach song to prove he can still keep it classy. The guy is talented, we look forward to seeing more covers from him as time passes.


To close out our list, we decided to include on more cover, from California band Young The Giants who were given the challenge to cover R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)” when they came for a visit in Chicago. Check it out below.


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