He’s back with another one! Not only did he give a solid performance at the BET Awards, but he even premiered his video for ‘Play No Games’ featuring Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $. The song reminds us of many backyard barbeques we’ve had in the summer along with that 90s R&B feel and the video doesn’t disappoint in that sense. There’s no ribs on the grill but Big Sean went back to his hometown roots in the “D” in the 90s sitcom “Martin” themed video. Chris Brown played Cole’s character as the goofball and it all worked out perfectly. Shout outs to Big Sean for reminiscing and recreating what many might call one of the best 90s sitcoms if not one of the best sitcoms of all times! Check it out below.

‘Play No Games’ ft. Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $