This week we decided to switch it up a little and instead of calling it a podcast we’re going with “chillcast.” When you listen to it you’ll understand why. In the comfort of his own home, we talked and chilled with Emil, a very talented rapper and good friend of ours. We met him through DJ Oreo last year at SXSW in Austin, TX and since then we’ve been following his work. This is only his second full length project but he’s no newbie to this. The Brkf$t Club (which also includes his close friend and rapper Calez) had their video aired on MTV back in 2012 and they’ve been grinding since.


In our chillcast we planned to discuss the inspiration behind his upcoming project and how he’s been preparing for this moment but the universe just wanted us to simply converse about things that came to mind and in the midst of that all of our questions were essentially answered. His project is called nineteen / TWENTY and it drops on his birthday, February 28th. This album is very special to him because he has been working on it for a while and its an album of firsts. This is the first time he has worked with a female vocalist and producers other than Hasan (Sani), another member of the Brkf$t Club.

While the tape doesn’t drop until next week, you can get a preview of what to expect at his listening party/art installation this Sunday at Elee.Mosynary Gallery in Pilsen. The artwork that will be commissioned at the listening party is made by animator/illustrator Pencil Fiction from Georgia. The event is free and will be held from 7pm-10pm and “all good vibes are welcomed.” So if your schedule permits stop by Sunday and you get a chance to win some cool things by RSVP’ing. This will be an event you don’t want to miss. To learn more about the event check out the flyer below.


To learn more about Emil, his music, aspirations to write children’s books and live a foodies dream of having a taco food truck , check out our the chillcast below!

Stay updated with Emil @fnzE (twitter),, ImEmil (soundcloud). Don’t forget to wish him a Happy Birthday next weekend by copping and listening to the project!