Thinking about all the snow we were buried in months ago has us dreading another winter. But, we know all good things must come to an end eventually. Therefore, there are lots to accomplish and experience before this warm weather goes back into hiding. Check out some things The Lab3l thinks you should indulge in to fulfill your hopes and wishes for this summer.


Plan a GetawayimagesUR2G88GN

It can be small or big if you and your pockets are feeling adventurous. Random getaways with your friends make for the best  memories but if you need to take a trip by yourself to have some alone time, do it! Hop in the car and take a weekend trip somewhere like Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio or hop on a plane and take your talents to South Beach. However you decide to do it we’re sure it will make everything back home worth while.

bonnaroo-tnAttend a Music Festival
Who doesn’t love to be surrounded by music and other fellow music lovers for a weekend? These are wonderful places to meet new people from all over and enjoy some of your favorite musicians at the same time. There are still many more festivals you can attend so don’t fret if you missed some of the popular ones like Bonnaroo or Coachella. Check out this article on 25 festivals you should  attend at some point in your life —–> here!


When we think of the summer we think of straight fun in the sun and relaxation. However, there is always time for making money. I mean we have to make money in order to do these things on our bucket list right? If you’re in between jobs or looking for one try to find something where you can make enough money for your personal needs but still enjoy yourself too. Staying busy can keep you out of trouble!


Explore your Cityd5
We catch ourselves saying we’re bored a lot and we think we’ve done everything we could possibly think of. Well, we’re wrong. There is so much to do and so much we haven’t seen. Set some days aside to just explore parts you’ve never been to and you’ll be surprised by what you come across. If you’re in the Chicago land area here are a few ideas —–> explore!


Try Different Foods/Restaurantspasteur_patio_305
Give your favorite restaurant a rest and try a new one! It’s easy to fall into your comfort zone so take the time out to research or ask around for more great food spots. If the weather permits, sit outside and enjoy a nice new lunch and drink. You and your friends can also find new recipes and whip them up yourselves!


Pick Up a HobbyWidescreen_Wallpaper-Volleyball_Beach_Sunset-1280x960
When you find yourself having to much free time, find a new hobby or get back into something you haven’t done in a while. Go outside and play a sport, read some new books, or try something you’ve always been afraid to. You’ll feel way better!


Most importantly you all, just have fun! (S/O to Ab-Soul!)