Anyone familiar with Visionary Kanye West knows exactly what Yeezy Season is. If not, we will be delighted to summarize for you. Tis’ the season we can expect an influx of creative accolades from the innovative artist. With the year of Kanye amongst us we have seen him make an appearance in varied arenas of the entertainment world. From the release of his long awaited Yeezy Boost, premiere of his controversial Brit Award performance of “All Day“, inspirational comeback on Breakfast Club and success of G.O.O.D Music artist by way of  John Legend winning an Oscar, release of Big Sean’s Dark Sky Paradise and much more it is safe to say Kanye is starting 2015 off the right way. We would like to be the first to make the declaration that this season approaching, has the potential to be his most successful yet as far as creativity and diversity.. But that is still up for the debate as there is so much more needed from Ye to completely make that declaration. After all, this is Sir Yeezus we’re talking about, a hip hop pioneer whose first album still remains one of Hip Hop’s greatest albums to date.

Kanye West x Adidas


To begin, Ye recently debuted in his first collaboration line with Adidas Original in his Yeezy Season 1 Show at NY Fashion Week a couple of weeks ago. The Fall/Winter collection of apparel and footwear will be available sometime this year. The line received mixed reviews from fans and haters of Mr. West because some of the pieces appeared to have holes in them on top of the models wearing them a couple of sizes too big. However, there were a lot of gems in his Adidas line and it’s all about how YOU decide to wear it or not. The show was also special because we saw a few familiar faces in the show including Ian Connor and Kylie Jenner along other beautiful faces that you wouldn’t normally see in a fashion show. He included individuals that were 5’3 or shorter than your typical “model” along with different body types you don’t see on a runway. Last but not least he debuted “Wolves,” the first track off oh new album that features another Chicago native Vic Mensa and the talented Sia. Ye knows how to put on a show.

Kanye West x Rihanna


On the red carpet of what Ye likes to think of as an “old ex-girlfriend” aka the 57th Grammy Awards, he revealed to Ryan Seacrest that he’s executive producing Rihanna’s 8th album. He also discussed how he played her his album and a few songs he has with Paul McCartney and she couldn’t get past FourFiveSeconds, her lead single. There are also rumors of a joint Kanye and Rihanna tour after the photo above leaked. We hope it’s true! Fingers crossed.

Kanye West’s New Album


Wednesday Kanye West and squad premiered the new version of the highly anticipated “All Day” track (produced by French Montana and Velous) at the Brit Awards in London. He had a simple white backdrop and flame throwers alongside many UK Grime artists including Skepta, Jammer and duo Krept and Konan. It was simply amazing. His first single “Wolves” is also circulating the web after NYFW (New York Fashion Week) and their performance at SNL’s 40th anniversary show. These two tracks can definitely hold us over until we get the album but we are excited to hear what the rest of it sounds like. We can also expect remanence of that “Gospel Hip Hop” sound that Kanye masterfully hones so well.

Kanye West x Dame Dash

While we know the relationship between Kanye and his mentor Dame Dash is not as tight as it once was, Kanye has publically spoken on wanting it to be better. We saw Dame Dash present Kanye with his Visionary Award at The Best Honors award ceremony and there seems to be no beef between the two. In fact, Dame Dash and Kanye have teamed up to executive produce their new movie “Loisaidas” which takes place in Harlem. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing rappers in “hood” films?  Well this film includes appearances from Smoke DZA. Murda Mook, The Lox and Dame Dash. The film will be released in episodes that you can pre-order on the official site –>here. Check out Episode 1 below.

“Loisaidas” Episode 1 from DD172 on Vimeo.


What we admire most about Kanye, is his ability to stretch himself artistically, regardless to negative criticism. He feeds of the negative energy and propels himself forward, confidently remaining true to goals he set for himself. Many people would like to believe that you should focus on one talent and pretty much, “Stay In Your Lane”. That it is okay to play it safe, not take risk, be silenced and politically correct. However, Kanye is an emblem to young people and adults alike that it is possible to “swerve” in and out of different lanes and be remarkable in each. He shows us that speaking your mind from a a place of confidence and experience is okay, having an opinion is okay.

If you take away anything  from this article, let it be to believe in your own abilities unapologetically, confidently and whole heartedly. Think about it, Kayne is great because he truly believes he is first and foremost. Secondly, he sought to be the best by not just creating with everything in him but educating himself on different facets of art outside of music. It is not enough to be talented any more, it is not enough to be innovative, you have to be educated on the greats around you, before you and mindful of the greats who may come after you. Kanye has found a way to bridge all of those elements beautifully, despite constant shade thrown his way. He is a true visionary and we look forward to the remarkable achievements to come.