With the 2016 presidential election nearing, it is important to remember that everyone, especially our youth, is watching and listening. They need to know that they matter and can make a difference. We should take note of the things we hear during these political campaigns and exercise our right to vote.


Queen Beez were featured on the blog before with their song “Monster” which brought awareness about drug abuse and now they’re back with their song “Clark Kent” to discuss the importance of voting. They compare the likeness of Superman’s powers and his ability to help the community with going to the voters booth and feeling the power that comes with helping elect officials who can advocate change.


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While preparing the song and learning the history of voting their program director and aspiring Hip-Hop artist, James Watkins, explained that women weren’t allowed to vote until 1920.  Even after they were allowed the right to vote a few southern states still made it extremely hard for some to participate.



Take a look at their video for “Clark Kent’ below as they wonder through the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument!