With technology and many other factors impeding on the lifestyles of young adults today, it can be hard for them to have minds of their own or simply just be a kid. With that being said, there are many organizations and programs that try to guide them in the right direction.

A close friend and artist by the name of James Watkins, who has been featured on the Lab3l under Jimmy Watts, happens to work at one of these organizations. The Living Classrooms is a nonprofit organization that “inspires young people to achieve their potential through hands-on education and job training.” Living Classrooms was founded in Baltimore in 1985 and 16 years later they opened a DC office.

Because working with the youth takes a lot of creativity, many of the programs in effort of this vision tend to be on the non-traditional side. When James told us about the “Queen Beez” we were instantly pulled in. The Queen Beez allows young girls to come together and use song and dance to express themselves. During Saturday workshops the girls, ranging from middle to high school, meet with professional female mentors to learn about leadership and their environment. This information is applied to their writing and shown through their positive hip-hop videos.

The Queen Beez have only been around for a little over a year but we hope they inspire for a lifetime. With Halloween just a month away, the Queen Beez take a stab at the dangers of drug abuse and the importance of staying on the right path. As we mentioned before, the Queen Beez is a larger group but their newest video “Monster” includes Flow (Verse 1), Young Bri (Verse 2), L.A. (Hook and Verse 5), Flowetry (Verse 3) and Venom, now she goes by Lyrical (Verse 4).

The message these young ladies are sending is wonderful and we hope it reaches the masses. Take a look at Monster below!

To find out more about the Living Classrooms organization and the wonderful things they are doing for the community visit their website here!