If you aren’t familiar with the Queen Beez by now you should be. We’ve featured them many times on the blog before but this time they’re calling attention to climate change and the dangers it brings.

The project began this past November when the Queen Beez attended a workshop led by Jarred McKee of Climate & Urban Systems Partnership (CUSP) at the National Geographic Museum. He had a number of panelists come out and discuss climate change and ways to improve it. Later they would continue their relationship with the museum in hope of finding ways to address this serious issue enjoyably.

The song is called “Restoration” and it was their first ever two-day video shoot. The shoot took place at Camp Fraser in Great Falls, VA and the National Geographic Museum. The video also debuts two members we haven’t seen before by the names of Tilaya aka Nache Muse and Queen Aja.

Check the video out below!

The Queen Beez won’t stop here. Their next project will focus on community engagement and recording will begin early April.

Special thanks to the Queen Beez Program Director, James Watkins!