The talented Queen Beez collective have a new song and of course they’re dropping gems. The new single “Shades” touches on colorism, or shadeism, which is a major issue within the cultures of people of color. Shadeism is discrimination based on skin color and it should not be mistaken with racism. The world is becoming more diverse and instead of embracing it some tend to use it as a scale to determine value or beauty.

The Queen Beez wanted to address the issue of light vs. dark skin and let people know that beauty comes in all shades and no one should be treated differently because they’re of a certain hue.

To match the Caribbean vibe of the song, the video was filmed at North Beach in Calvert County, Maryland. Check out some pictures from the shoot and the video below.


Their next song to feature on the blog will touch on mental illness and suicide prevention and production for it takes place during National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month so be on the look out for that.

Special thanks to their Program Director James Watkins for bringing awareness to organizations like Living Classrooms. Learn more about them here.