It’s almost that time of year again! Scariversary (a celebration of Halloween and the Lab3l’s anniversary) has been taken over by an INSANE Ringmaster, who has created an eerie CarnEvil like scene that will be both frightening and fun. Guest will be directed to the creepy attic with sounds orchestrated by The Lab3L and curated by Dirty Diana. With a designated photo booth, drinking carnival style games, Giveaways and a Cash Bar prisoners… we mean guests are bound to get trapped in a night of fun. Let’s not forget the Home Run Inn pizza, wings and treats that will be floating around.

So choose your package, dress in your best Halloween costume and come explore this sinister scene we’ve prepared for you. It will definitely be a night to remember or one you’d wish to forget. This year we think you may even give us the title of “Best Halloween Party” in Chicago!

When: October 23, 2015

Where: Dark Attic on N. Albany Ave & Eddy St.

$3 Package: pizza, wings, 2 drink tickets, 1 Jell-0 shot ticket

$8 Package: pizza, wings, 4 drinks tickets, 2 Jell-O shot tickets

Remember, The Lab3L is celebrating their 2nd year of creating engaging content and events, so be sure to tell them congratulations! We hope to see you all there on October 23rd!