The Corn3R

Every once in a while, you come across a group of artists who want to do more than entertain. A group whose looking to push boundaries, educate and uplift through the medium of art.  With that in mind, we are proud to present The Corn3R, a platform that allows artist to collaborate and form new ideas through performance art for the sake and betterment of their prospective audience.

For two artist, Bria Brown and Asia Ashley of The Lab3L, The Corn3R was a way to share their work outside of city wide Open Mics and Cyphers. These two ladies felt the messages they had were way too powerful to be boxed in a 4 corner room; so they forged two working ideas into one for the biggest stage, the world wide web.

Bria Brown

Bria Brown on The Corn3R of 53rd and Harper in Hyde Park, Chicago.

Artist Profile

These ladies aren’t new to the art world in any way, in fact Bria Brown (yes you have to say her full name) moved to Chicago a few years ago with one mission in mind, to create art that will continue to inspire years from now. “I joined an organization about a year ago, LYRIC Mentoring, which are a group of young poets, founded by K Love the Poet and Phenom, who use poetry and hip hop to push an anti-violence agenda to the youth in Chicago,” said Brown.  Although she is no longer apart of the performance group, she is still heavily involved with the community engagement.

As an emerging teaching artist as well as writer and producer, she debuted her first full production titled ‘Mysterism: An American Tragedy’ in collaboration with Lyric Squad of Lyric Mentoring in June of 2015. But her journey only hit overdrive, after 2 years of performing in Chicago’s poetry scene, she went on to win her first award in a poetry slam produced by Co-Founder of Louder Than A Bomb, Kevin Coval. As witnesses to the slam, it was not an easy win, but it was definitely well deserved. “Since then I’ve transitioned into a full time artist and I’m working on a series of poems for black girls. It’s a collection of poems I’ve been working on specifically to reach and relate to black girls, young and old.” You will be able to see these poems unfold on The Corner.

Without further adieu, we are proud to present to you, the first installment of our new project: The Corn3R, Bria Brown’s, ‘HashtagForBlackGirls‘ filmed by Asia Ashley who will also be debuting a piece, later on in the series.

Enjoy, but most importantly Share this, we want it to spread like wildfire and only you, the people can make that happen!